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 3V3RYDAY GRIND is more than a name it's a purpose driven lifestyle.

As a black woman working as a union electrician, 

3V3RYDAY GRIND founder Isis Harris couldn't help but stand out on the job. Working in the industrial and commercial construction industry, she was something of a Unicorn: rare, unique and drawing attention whether she meant to or not.


Isis created 3V3RYDAY GRIND for people whom blending in has never been an option. The bright colors, work wear details and bold logo serve a function: high visibility for on-the-job safety and durability. But they also embrace the concept of blending out: achieving your goals enthusiastically and unapologetically while living life as your authentic self.  


Our gear is designed to take you from the job site to the street in style-- and to highlight that it's the things that make us different that are the very best parts of us. In her own words Isis says:


The 3V3RYDAY GRIND brand embodies not only how I grind, but who I grind for daily. My clothing line's foundation is career-inspired apparel that also pays homage to my three sons. That's why I use 3 instead of the letter E in the 3V3RYDAY GRIND logo. I'm always working to create in roads to a better future for my boys.

As a skilled-trade worker, I also have deep respect for the commitment and resilence of the blue-collar workforce. 3V3RYDAY GRIND is fueled by my passion to not only do an awesome job, but also look great at work or at play.


When you wear 3V3RYDAY GRIND, you make a statement. Buying from an independent Black and woman-owned business means you're supporting equity in the construction industry, and encouraging others to do the same. 


Go to the Shop 3DG tab to shop our full collection of High Visibility Apparel.


To see how Isis shows up as a Speaker, Advocate, and a Business Woman for Equity learn more here: or visit the link below


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